Ce programme permet d’émuler un PC sous plusieurs OS. Il tourne sous Windows, Linux ou Mac. Il permet de faire tourner des machines virtuelles sous différents OS (Windows de tout type, Linux, FreeBSD OS/2 etc.), il est également open source et gratuit (pour les particuliers). Les solutions de virtualisation existante étant soit très cher pour le particulier soit incomplète au niveau du support des systèmes, VirtualBox propose donc une alternative intéressante à Vmware et VirtualPC.

– VRDP: fixed screen corruption
– NAT: the interface stopped working after a lot of failed ICMP requests (bug #9371)
– E1000: fixed rare Windows 7 guest hangs, either at boot time or when reconfiguring the network card in unusual setups (bug #6223)
– ATA: fixed a possible crash during ATAPI passthrough with certain guests
– ATA: improved compatibility with ancient Linux kernels
– Main: fixed incorrect framebuffer information after leaving the fullscreen mode with X11 guests, this lead to a scrambled preview window in the GUI for example
– Mac OS X hosts: fixed the problem with duplicate packets when bridged to a wireless interface (bug #9648)
– Linux hosts: fix for 3D support on Fedora 15 (bug #9799)
– Linux hosts: don’t call del_timer_sync from an interrupt context (Fedora bug report 746331)
– Windows Vista and 7 guests: more WDDM fixes
– Linux Additions: fixed kernel module compilation failure on Redhat Enterprise Linux 4 (bug #9709)
– Linux Additions: install the DRI driver correctly on Ubuntu 11.10 guests
– Solaris Additions: added read-only mmap support for shared folders
– Solaris Additions: added directory, file mode and mask options for shared folders
– Windows Additions: implemented faster detection of logged-in guest users and stale sessions
– X.Org Additions: fixed graphical corruption when switching to a virtual terminal (bug #9490)

Télécharger VirtualBox (32/64 Bits) v5.2.12 (108,5 Mo)

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