Il s’agit du grand projet de Haze qui est de voir réunit dans un même binaire MAME+MESS dont les développement ce suivent en parallèles. Le rêve de Haze est enfin réalisé.

Anyway, there were a couple of issues with the MESS 0.144 source on which it was based, these have since been resolved, as well as several other changes made which may be of benefit to this build. In the 0.144 release things like c64 would just crash due to aforementioned MESS bugs, and the code for some MESS drivers would end up being compiled differently to a standard MESS binary due to it being hidden behind #ifdef MESS defines in the source. Micko has done some work on removing those cases, although he did manage to introduce some additional conflicts in the process which I’ve fixed and submitted a patch for.

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