Un frontend hyper complet pour mame (ou autres), très configurable et souvent mis à jour.

Game sets that have no ROMs where being set as missing as there is no ROMs list for the audit feature. They are all set as available sets from now on (pong, a2600, nes, etc). This fix only applies to « MAME Plus! »

Changes in « MAMu_ Icons Manager » feature:
– new « Mechanical » column in missing icons list
– icons do not get copied/updated when closing the screen with the window close button (« Copy zzz to Selected Games » setting)
– support for multiple zzz icon files for the missing icons list. Missing icons list will be checked against all zzz icon files found in icons folder. files naming MUST be « zzz_nameofyourfile.ico » (always start with « zzz_ »)
– icons in the « Delete Not Working Icon » screen are now properly loaded, due to multiple « zzz » files (right after scanning for missing icons) – feature « Update Not Working Icons » is broken for now
Updated « Delete Config Files » feature (games popup menu) to support the new nvram file system for MAME (nvramgamename*.*)
– this is only supported with single game selection!
– old .nv files are still supported…
– multiple folders support for games with multiple bioses, like NeoGeo… « systemname_biosnum.nv »
– delete config files when multiple games are selected, only the old « nvramgamename.nv » method is supported
3rd pass when creating MAME games list is way faster now

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