Un très bon émulateur de Sega Saturn créé par Guillaume Duhamel, Theo Berkau et
Fabien Coulon et aidé par de multiples contributeurs.

– Now using CMake as the default build system.
– For now, autotools based build and « custom » build systems are still supported.
– New PSP port
– New Cocoa port
– Added a dynamic recompiling SH2 core
– New SCSP implementation
– Major update of the software renderer from the yabause-rr team
– Added an option to allow to execute from the cache
– Improvements to the OpenGL renderer

carbon port:
– Improvements

gtk port:
– Added command line option to enable/disable frame skipping / limiting.
– Added frame skipping/limiting configuration in settings.
– Added –autoload command line option
– Vdp2 layers can be toggled from the Vdp2 debug window

qt port:
– Added command line support

wii port:
– Merged some stuff from the wiibrew fork, mostly related to SH2 emulation

windows port:
– Fixed the XBox controller driver
– Fixed the « open iso then cancel bug »

Télécharger Yabause (x86) v0.9.14 (8,2 Mo)

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