Un frontend hyper complet pour mame (ou autres), très configurable et souvent mis à jour.

– Average FPS was not being shown after exiting a MAME game, if « Show Error Messages » was also checked (main menu « View » / « Command Line »)
– Paiting bug when selecting items on large icons view mode

– The « -listxml » output file is no longer deleted after creating a MAME games list. It is now a fixed file: « elfolderarcademame_listxml.xml »
– It will only be updated if a new MAME build is used. It takes way too long for this file to be created
– Avoid deleting this file manually…
– XP themes must be enabled from now on, so EL can work properly. Windows 7 needs aero interface. Otherwise, the UI will be all messed up
– New screens for Delete/Rename image files

– New rename/delete images dialog

– No more true color icons (24-bits) support. EL was built for XP icons from day one (32-bits, alpha blend)
– MAMu_ icons still supports 8 bits (256-colors), 24 bits (true-color) and 32 bits (XP-icons) and that will never change
– Support for Win9x / WinMe is gone
– Setting « Force Quotes (XP/Win7) » (main menu « View » / « Command Line »). It has been disabled for many builds
– Setting « Disable Icon Stretch (48×48) ». Not needed anymore (MAMu_ icons)
– File « EmuLoader.exe.manifest » is not needed anymore. Themes is always enabled from now on and there’s no way to turn them off

– Support for the new control tags format in -listxml output (MAME 0.144 and newer). Games with dual joysticks are displayed correctly at « Game Details » screen. File « ini_filescontrol_type.ini » updated (MAME Plus! also supported)
– Old MAME builds are still supported (minimum 0.84)
– Support 48×48 icons for MAMu_ icons (alpha blend-32 bits, true color-24 bits and 256 colors 8-bits)
– Only when using tiles view mode or standard/grouped views with « extra large icons » settings enabled

Télécharger Emuloader v8.4.7 (9,7 Mo)

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