Hatari est un émulateur Atari ST et STE tournant sous Linux, BSD, BeOS, Mac OS X et bien d’autres systèmes supportants la librairie SDL, il est basé sur les sources de WinSTon.

– More accurate microwire clock emulation
– SCSI class 1 (ICD) command support for drives > 1 GB
– Improve shifter (add another method to do 4 pixel hardware scrolling, better emulation for 0 byte blank line)
– Better filters and model for sound emulation
– Correct VBL timings in TT monochrome (double clicking works now)
– More cycle accurate Falcon DSP <-> CPU emulation. All the demos that needed 32Mhz CPU with the old CPU core in Hatari v1.5, work now at correct 16Mhz with the WinUAE CPU core
– 030 MMU emulation with the WinUAE CPU core
– Debugger improvements : « history » command to list instructions executed before entering debugger
– Fixed behavior of the Caps Lock key

Télécharger Hatari (x86) v2.1.0 (3,9 Mo)

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