EMU7800 est un projet d’émulateur Atari VCS7800 développé par Mike Murphy avec la plateforme Microsoft .NET. Développé en Open Source, il s’agit à la base d’un projet d’étude pour Mike.

– Small performance optimization by using 32-bit integer arrays over byte arrays for framebuffer data.
– Fixed: Broken functionality on Console Tab for configuring unrecognized roms.
– Fixed: Broken Key Binding functionality in certain scenarios.
– DirectX: Eliminated synchronization with vertical retrace to make UX acceptable on a wider range of systems.
– DirectX: Now runs when there is no system audio device available.
– Custom binary serialization necessary for the Windows Phone platform.
– Introduced lightweight WebInstaller (ClickOnce) option to prepare for future deprecation of the .msi installer.
– Upgraded Silverlight version to Silverlight 5.
– Initial Windows Phone release to Windows Phone Marketplace.
– More games added to the Silverlight distribution.
– Added: ROM entry for Pac-Man Collection (an Atari 7800 Homebrew.)

Télécharger EMU7800 (32/64 bits) v1.8 (2,4 Mo)

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