Ecrit en C++11 (dernière révision du C++), voici une vidéo d’un émulateur de Nintendo NES qui tiens en quelques lignes de code. Ce projet est personnel et n’a pas pour but de battre les autres, il s’agit simplement d’un hobby perso.

It is just a programming hobby project.
Sure, it can run TASes, but it’s just a hobby project. And it’s only 940 lines of source code.

Examples of it running TASes:
Rockman TAS by Bisqwit (tasvideos movie 726)
Metroid TAS by Lord Tom (tasvideos movie 1144)
Part 2/2 which demonstrates this particular revision of the emulator.
I only showcase a maximum of 15 minutes long TASes because that’s what my account is capped to. But it does sync with e.g. Mega Man 2 by Shinryuu (24 minutes)…

It does not have savestates yet. And in fact, it does not even have an UI yet. It reads joypad input from a Famtasia movie file; it does not react to any other inputs. But due to its architecture, adding savestates would be trivial.

It does not have many features; for example, iNES mapper 4 support is completely missing so far (which means e.g. SMB3 won’t run), but those that are implemented are fairly accurate. It scores fewer failures in Blargg’s tests than FCEUX does, for those parts that are implemented (mostly CPU & PPU related tests).

The RAM & waveform displays shown on these videos are non-realtime add-ons; they are not part of the 940-line source code.