Hatari est un émulateur Atari ST et STE tournant sous Linux, BSD, BeOS, Mac OS X et bien d’autres systèmes supportants la librairie SDL, il est basé sur les sources de WinSTon.

– Fixes to bootup issues in monochrome mode
– Better left border removal timings
– DSP external memory access cycles taken into account
– Fix to allow build with Xcode 3.1.3/OS X 10.5.8 PPC
– Several fixes & updates needed to Hatari UI & hconsole for them to work correctly with Hatari v1.6. x
– Test programs added for testing TOS booting with different HW configurations and for finding out values needed in Hatari keymaps (source: emu-france.com)
– Remove a potential segfault in the debugger
– Fixed Demos: ‘Kill The Beast 2’ screen in the Vodka Demo by Equinox

Télécharger Hatari (x86) v2.1.0 (3,9 Mo)

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