EMU7800 est un projet d’émulateur Atari VCS7800 développé par Mike Murphy avec la plateforme Microsoft .NET. Développé en Open Source, il s’agit à la base d’un projet d’étude pour Mike.

7800 Emulation Fixes:
– Xenophobe and One on One Basketball now work (Maria VBLANK incorrectly relied upon DMA enable)
– Fatal Run and Rampage now work (CPU ADC instruction bug)
– Ballblazer and Commando now have music (Pokey sound support added)
– Jinks opening screen speech synth now clear (TIA sound was not sampled at 7800 rate; PAL configuration was incorrect)
– Barnyard Blaster and Meltdown are now playable, no title screen bypass on Sentinel prototype (Lightgun emulation corrected)
– Tower Toppler works (per the game manual, make sure both difficulty switches are set to « Pro »)
– Several homebrews and unreleased prototypes are now recognized
– Crossbow configuration switched from joystick to lightgun
– Added support for 2600-daptor and for Atari 2600 driving controllers through Stelladaptor/2600-daptor. Thanks to Tom Hafner for providing programming information and testing support
– Added support for the 2600 32-n-1 cart type
– Corrected issue where lost DirectInput8 joystick device would terminatefullscreen DirectX startup
– Screenshots are now output to the My Pictures folder

Télécharger EMU7800 (32/64 bits) v1.8 (2,4 Mo)

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