La dernière version béta public de l’excellent WinUAE.

– Input panel qualifier key/button support. I think this was requested many many years ago.
(I didn’t originally plan to do this now but someone reminded me few days ago..)
* – Any key or button can be configured as a qualifier (like a shift or control key that modifies behavior of other keys)
* – Any Input Target can be configured to require qualifiers. Input Target only triggers if it’s Input Source and all configured qualifiers are active at the same time.
* – If multiple slots are configured, only slot(s) that have matching qualifier will be triggered, for example if slot 1 has qualifier and slot 2 has none: Only slot 2 triggers if Input Source matches without qualifier active and only slot 1 if Input Source matches with active qualifier.
* – Same qualifer code (1-8) can be configured to more than one key/button.
* – Qualifier(s) set to any other types than keys or buttons is currently undefined.
* – End (« * » in GUI), Shift, Alt and Control keys are mapped to built-in qualifiers.
* – Most previously hardwired key mappings (END+F1 etc..) are now implemented using Input qualifier system
* — Exceptions: F12 so that there is no way for users to accidentally disable GUI access. END+ and END+ disk swapper and statefile shortcuts, I didn’t want to add 30+ new mostly pointless input targets.. Disabled if END-key’s qualifier flag is removed.
* – Qualifiers and custom events: slots 1 to 4 and 5 to 8 can have different qualifiers.

– Doubled number of input target slots (4 to 8)
– « Copy from »-button corrupted memory.
– Added keyboard default options to « Copy from »-button. Can select either Amiga or PC default mapping.
– TODO: restore only single input target to default.

– Less than 35Hz vsync display refresh rate: show only every other frame.
– Workaround for strange Windows feature or a bug. First call raw input RegisterRawInputDevices() to unregister HID devices and then immediately call to register them again: Windows randomly stops reporting HID events.
– Windows to Amiga clipboard sharing wrong string size if string contained cr/lf line endings.
– Low latency VSync screen mode switch fixes and updates.
– Native code execution (winlauch.alib etc..) is not anymore allowed by default. Option in misc panel.

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