fs-uae est un emulateur multi-plateformes ( sur Linux , mac osX et windows ) reprenant les travaux de WinUAE/E-UAE/PUAE en mettant l’accent sur l’émulation des jeux sur lecteur de disquette et CD-Rom.

– FS-UAE can open configuration files without (-c) parameter, makes FS-UAE. easier to start with config from graphical shells (Windows Explorer, Mac OS X Finder).
– Added chip_memory, fast_memory and slow_memory options (see example.conf).
– Fixed bug where save states would not be saved if floppies where specified with absolute path.
– Fixed problem with opening CUE files on systems other than Windows.
– Fixed audio buffering issues.
– Buffer additional audio data on buffer underrun before resuming playback.
– Fixed problem with renaming files in virtual (mounted) disks on Windows.
– Code cleanup in libamiga, new wrapper functions for some platform-specific code.
– Support for large HDF files (> 2GB) (untested, and not supported on Windows yet).
– Better implementation of write_log in libamiga.
– Updated README to clarify that you can use ALT+F11 on Mac to toggle mouse pointer (since the OS intercepts F11 alone).
– Write information about base WinUAE version to log file.
– Use same random number generator on all platforms.

Télécharger FS-UAE (Stable) [32 bits] v2.8.3 (58,8 Mo)

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