Une nouvelle version de l’utilitaire de Mame permettant de convertir un CD/LD/GD/HDD… en CHD (compressed hunk of data) va bientôt voir le jour, les nouveautés devraient être les suivantes:

– support for up to 4 codecs; each block can use 1 of the 4
– new LZMA codec, which tends to do better than zlib overall
– new FLAC codec, primarily used for CDs (but can be applied anywhere)
– upgraded AVHuff codec now uses FLAC for encoding audio
– new Huffman codec, used to catch more nearly-uncompressable blocks
– compressed CHDs now use a compressed map for significant savings
– CHDs now are aware of a « unit » size; each hunk holds 1 or more units (in general units map to sectors for hard disks/CDs)
– diff’ing against a parent now diffs at the unit level, greatly improving compression

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