Un plugin pour émulateur de PS1 et PS2 utilisant XInput permettant d’émuler une manette DualShock sur les émulateurs Playstation et DualShock 2 pour l’émulateur de Playstation 2 PCSX2.

1.11 - 2012-02-23
After gathering some analog stick data I saw the corner cases where
always beyond the ideal circle, so I now extend only when that happens.
This means, almost no range is lost in order to reach the corners. =D
Also an extra check to stop vibration on pause.

Analog data: http://www.mediafire.com/?7bk7udrd8e5d3mt

1.10 - 2012-02-23
Some guesswork at command 0x40, and some bugfix at command 0x4F. That
fixed some games not detecting the Dualshock2 controller. Also, fixed
the deadzone which was bugged.

1.9 - 2012-02-20
New vibration curve, tested specially to feel nice on Chrono Cross's
intro. Also, a guitar build for X360 Guitar owners that wanna play
Guitar Hero in PCSX2. (really WIP)

1.8 - 2012-02-19
Vibration effects will last at least 150ms now to compensate for motor
delay. Makes some instant effects noticeable. And was about time to
change the version number. XD
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