Un émulateur d’Oric 1/Atmos et Telestrat écrit en C et utilisant SDL.

– Now uses comes with appropriate icons for OS4, MorphOS and AROS.
– Audio sync problems fixed in AVI recordings
– Various optimisations to the display routines
– 6502 emulation now includes all illegal opcodes
– Now includes an option to emulate the 6502 at various clock speeds from 1Mhz to 64Mhz (the rest of the hw is emulated at normal speed).
– Tape saving is now implemented. CSAVE/STORE will save to a standard tap file. You can also capture all tape output to a new .ORT format, which will record the actual output waveform from the tape port.
– Changes to disks are now automatically saved back to the disk image file. The old behaviour can still be selected from the config file.
– Reformatted the VIA panel in the debugger (thanks to Twilighte for the suggestion)
– Printer emulation now filters out non-ascii chars as a workaround for the phantom printer output (this is temporary until a proper fix is found)
– Added a PAL ghosting simulation to the GL renderer
– Switching between OpenGL and software rendering on the fly no longer causes hang-on-exit problems.
– Added NMI, reset and IRQ vector display in thedebugger (thanks to Twilighte for the suggestion!)
– Keyboard can now only be read when the AY direction register is set up correctly (thanks to Chema for pointing this out).
– Added experimental snapshot functionality (use with caution!)
– The Oric lightpen is now emulated (thanks to Stefan Haubenthal for his help)

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