Nouvelle version de ce fabuleux portage de Doom64 sur PC, voici les changements:

– Support for *Unix and 64-bit operating systems
– Fixed auto-aiming causing de-syncs for network games
– Regional features to support Japanese & European versions of the game
– Network menu added
– Fixed some auto-aiming bugs
– Fixed infrared bug where all clients were affected
– Obituaries added for network games
– Better soundfont file detection
– Improvements to console cvars
– The way lines are rendered in automap is more accurate to the original game
– New compatibility settings – lost soul limit and walk over actors
– Improved renderer to support video cards without texture combiner support
– Improved screen melt/wipe effect
– Improved menus and added hints
– Tweaked the ‘arranged’ hud type
– Game now accept IWADs for custom wads/maps
– Fixes to monster behavior for hardcore difficulty
– Teleport fog’s z height is adjusted based on how the original game handles it

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