Un émulateur de NES pour windows et linux.

0.55 (bugfix release)
– Fixed another bug in the square emulation.
Thanks to Eugene.s for the reporting.

0.54 (bugfix release)
– I’ve forgotten to uncomment same code in new squares emulation that results in distorted sound. Correct.

0.53 (massive bugfix release)
– Correct frequency pitch emulation in Dandy mode.
– Fixed all the bugs that were going to crash the emulator in the Windows version, now are really stable.
– Correct a lots of bugs in the apu emulation and now the sound is much more cleaner and precise.
– Rewrite from scratch the popping sound reducer.
Thx Eugene.S for suggestions, feedback and patience.

Télécharger puNES D3D9 (x86) v0.102 (8,9 Mo)

Télécharger puNES D3D9 (x64) v0.102 (9,5 Mo)

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