La dernière version béta public (RC2) de l’excellent WinUAE.

– CDFS Amiga Rock Ridge ‘AS’ extension support added. (comments and protection flags)
– Free CDFS inodes if they are not needed anymore, previously only freed when media was changed, better performance and less (host) memory used when CD has 10000+ files or directories.
– More logical « RDB: WARNING: end of partition > size of disk » message. Check RDSK header size and partition(s) size separately.
– CDFS boot priority changed to -127 (lowest possible).

– CPU Idle change improved, b22 caused major slowdowns on some systems.
– MB RAM option + JIT enabled detected wrong amount of RAM. (Can’t have extra memory barrier there)
– Directory filesystem ACTION_DISK_INFO and seek updates (ACTION SEEK had some problems in archive mode)
– Sprite debugger showed 64-bit AGA sprite shape totally wrong.
– END + PrinScreen (Screenshot to file) used incorrectly screenshot to clipoard input event.
– Legacy vsync was horribly slow (b22)
– optimized normal safe « unixfs warning: Bad pointer passed for read » directory filesystem situation.
– added win32 ERROR_BAD_NETPATH = AOS ERROR_OBJECT_NOT_AROUND mapping directory filesystem error handler.
– improved filesystem volume insert/removal stability.
– config file/uae-configuration/custom input math formula (+-*/ and parenthesis) support. For example it is now possible to increase or decrease any numeric configuration entry, very simple example: « gfx_filter_horiz_offset=[gfx_filter_horiz_offset+1] ». Multiple variables and complex formulas fully supported. This was already in previous beta because it was too experimental, but I guess it can be considered « official » now because of CDFS delay..
– A500 advanced chipset extra option always enabled RTC (real time clock), should have been enabled only when more than 0.5M RAM configured.
– built-in AOS CDFS removed, unfortunately it is not license compatible (non-commercial usage only). I was too blind to not notice it months ago.
– CDFS replaced with host native Linux isofs/directory filesystem wrapper which works quite differently but should have exactly same behavior from Amiga program point of view. Uses filesystem emulation but accesses CD data using Linux isofs filesystem code that directly reads CD sectors via IOCTL native API or UAE built-in CD image support. Amiga specific rock ridge ‘AS’ extension (protection flags and file comment) is not supported yet. Does anyone know any example CDs or images?
– AROS ROM updated.

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