La dernière version béta public de l’excellent WinUAE.

– On screen led status line was drawn using both D3D sprite and directly to bitmap methods in D3D no-filter mode (b2).
– Removed PAL/NTSC vertical scaling hack which is not needed anymore.
– PAL/NTSC vertical scaling added to Fullscreen (TV)/(Max) filter modes.
– Fullscreen (TV)/(Max) also handles programmed modes like real monitor would, positioning and scaling using sync parameters.
– Fake 60Hz (VPOSW poking) did nothing. (2.4)
– DirectDraw + null filter crash fixed when display height was smaller than emulated display height. (b2)
– D3D overlay mask scaling artifact in some resolutions (2.4)
– CDFS CD drive statefile support.
– Ignore duplicate HID button IDs.
– Reduced flicker when refresh rate changes (PAL / NTSC or other mode changes)

Télécharger WinUAE (Public Beta) [32 bits] v4.0.0 Beta 11 (3,7 Mo)

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