La dernière version béta public de l’excellent WinUAE.

– DirectDraw full-window mode on non-primary monitor was blank.
– Adjusted (again) fastest possible CPU mode extra CPU time scheduling, trying to find balance between better timing syncronization and not causing unnecessary slowdowns on some systems..
– OCS Denise bug emulation update, PAL STREQU counts are 8 (short field) or 9 (long field) lines, not static 9 lines. (Probably no program cares)
– F11 in gameports/input test mode shows next page (if list is longer than visible area).
– Manual display positioning X coordinate offset fixed (Filter panel or gfx_center_horizontal_position) Origin should be hardware position 0 (same as sprites), not first possible visible position.
– Fastest possible low latency vsync should work better again (b2), plus some other adjustments done, CPU throttling supported.
– Autoresolution worked badly in some situations.
– Removed USB_DEVICE_ID_RETRO_ADAPTER from USB « quirks » list, apparently it is working correctly according to firmware sources. (Perhaps older version was wrong, not exactly sure why it was included in Linux HID quirks list)
– Save also selected monitor name (gfx_display_name) to config file because order of displays can change when removing or adding monitors or replacing display cards.

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