La dernière version béta public de l’excellent WinUAE.

– Partial rewrite of fastest possible CPU low latency vsync detection code. Should fix jitter caused by frame not always getting shown on screen at correct time.
– Low latency vsync and double frame mode (85Hz+): guarantee every other vblank is really skipped, previously it didn’t work correctly in some situations.
– Calculate final vblank busywait time from selected rate instead of using hardcoded 50Hz/100Hz-only compatible value. Fixes superior at 50Hz no-buffer jitters.
– Emulate extra CPU time if it has been more than 7 lines since last extra CPU time, matches older behavior without losing 2.4.0+ performance increase.
– Fixed low latency vsync + fastest possible CPU getting in state where FPS dropped greatly temporarily, usually at startup.
– Show also drives that require admin privileges in harddrives panel, unselectable and marked with « Access denied » label. Only name shown because accessing any other attribute may require admin privileges.

Télécharger WinUAE (Public Beta) [32 bits] v4.0.0 Beta 16 (3,7 Mo)

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