Un émulateur 3DO basé sur FreeDo et utilisant également le core de 3DOPlay, il est écrit en C#.

1.Auto-crop feature added. Tired of your 3DO games adding a black border around your game? Enable auto-crop in the display menu to allow 4DO to automatically detect and remove these borders! More details below
2.Sewer Shark and Night Trap were experiencing a startup issue in this is now fixed.
3.Slam ‘n Jam 95 was crashing after the Samurai Shodown improvements in This is now fixed.
4.4DO now detects additional types of input devices. For example, a PS3 controller set up through MotionJoy now works as intended!
5.More French translation improvements from Benjamin Siskoo
6.More Chinese translation improvements from money

Télécharger 4DO v1.3.2.4 (1,5 Mo)

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