Un émulateur 3DO basé sur FreeDo et utilisant également le core de 3DOPlay, il est écrit en C#. Le meilleur de sa catégorie.

1/ “hqx” Filters Added – Users can select hq2x, hq3x, or hq4x from the Display menu, or in the options screen.
2/ Emulation “Health” Indicator added – This is to help users identify when they have settings that are too intensive for their PCs. See more details below

The hqx filters are full-screen post-processing operations provide benefit via color matching, so there is noticeable improvement on flat fonts or cartoon-style graphics. 3DO games with video or photo-realism are much less likely to see benefit.

Télécharger 4DO v1.3.2.4 (1,5 Mo)

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