Il ‘s’agit d’un émulateur de Sega Master System, sg-1000 et Game Gear.

– [bugfix] sample playback for tone counter 0 (chess games sms/gg)
– [bugfix] vdp access times for SG 1000 (Monaco GP)
– [bugfix] for gear to gear games in single gear mode. These games expect the send flag successfull seted, even the data is sended into nothing (Lemmings, GP Rider)
– [bugfix] for gear to gear mode. Some games read receive data too soon. My initial assumption was that each shifted bit is saved in an accessible register directly, but its stored in a buffer until all shifting is done. (GP Rider again)
– [bugfix] increased the distance between 2 running game gears. Some games are unable to determine about gear 1 and 2. (Popeye)
– [feature] allowed Super Tetris to run. The game don´t expect port 3e. Maybe the korean sms, based on the japanese one, don´t have it. I would consider this as a game specific hack.
– [feature] added command line support. Now you can assign games to the emulator.
– [feature] added the option to disable sms borders. means borders are always black and reduced. To maintain aspect ratio borders can not removed completly
– [feature] added 4% overscan for normal border display to resemble real TV viewport, means smaller borders

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