MAMEUIFX est basé sur le code source de MAME/MAMEUI, emprunte des améliorations à de nombreux builds non officiels (en vrac : StretchMAME, JMAME, RND, AdvanceMAME, CANAME, WHACK…).

– Increased default volume in the QS1000 sound core.
– Partially rewritten from scratch the Graphic User Interface. A lot of changes, long-standing bugfixes have been apllied. This makes MAMEUIFX partially independent from the old beloved official MAMEUI. The main change is to have now a MAMEUIFX.INI where the Interface settings are stored and a GAMELIST.INI where the games and their audit values are stored. This implies a faster F5/Refresh than before and hopefully is the start to have a cached gamelist to improve the startup lag. Some options of old MAMEUI have been removed and some new options have been added. Too many to be listed here but another main change is no more background display but instead the ability to set different fonts and colors for the History Panel, the Folder Panel and the GameList Panel. A splash screen with a progress bar has been added to « entertain » users during the startup. All things have been tested intensively but as always, if you find something strange/buggy/unusual, please post in this thread your results.
I hope you’ll enjoy.

Télécharger MAMEUIFX32 v0.175.1 (17,7 Mo)

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