La dernière version béta public de l’excellent WinUAE.

– PC raw MFM decoding improved (uaeunp, Amiga/ST/PC multiformat PC images didn’t decode properly)
– Interlace flag wasn’t set if resolution had « i » flag but refresh rate didn’t, caused blank screen in D3D modes.
– Set system time to host time (timer.device/TR_SETSYSTIME) when exiting GUI or unpausing if syncronize clock option is enabled. Only works if at least one directory filesystem is in use. (Shares directory filesystem process to minimize resource usage)
– Interlaced host resolution field matching with emulated interlace rewritten, now simply waits extra field if fields don’t match. Can cause small sound glitches if small buffer but this is also much more reliable than old method. (Need tweaking)
– Small non-fastest CPU mode low latency vsync tweaks.
– Ignore CPU writes to DSKDAT. (Useless « DSKDAT: FIFO overflow! » log messages caused by some programs that poke DSKDAT).
– Added -nodirectinput command line parameter that completely disables directinput device enumeration.
– Gayle PCMCIA CF IDE emulation improvements, PCMCIA CF config #2 also supported (PC primary IDE IO addresses)
– GUI position is also saved in fullscreen mode, separate from windowed mode GUI coordinates.
– Some chipset mode on the fly configuration changes also reset RTG internal variables, causing blank screen when returning back to RTG mode. (Very old bug, « SetSwitch() – Picasso96 0x0x0 » in log)
– Fullscreen RTG mode refresh rate uses chipset mode refresh rate or rate directly set in Expansions panel. Automatically selects lower available refresh rate if selected rate is unsupported.
– Added option to enable/disable RTG vblank interrupt emulation. Previously it was automatically enabled if Refresh rate option wasn’t set to disabled. Moved to separate GUI option because of above new feature and because some games don’t like RTG board generated interrupts.
– Direct3D mode RTG OSD only updated when any part of RTG bitmap changed.
– Blank unused displays(s) (opens full screen topmost black window(s)) option added to misc panel.
– Only save minimal CPU context (registers and PC) during native/m68k code switching. Previously it saved lots of unneeded data, including data that can be changed outside of CPU emulator. May also increase performance in some situations. Finally explanation and fix for mysterious copper state corruption.
– CD image mounter: MDS image CD audio tracks didn’t play if subchannel data was not included, MDS image data tracks that also included subchannel data returned wrong data.
– Host MMU write protect ROM regions in JIT direct mode because JIT only checks destination address type when generating x86 code for the first time. Badly crashing programs can corrupt loaded ROM image causing repeating red/black screen reset loop. (Another mysterious previously reported problem solved)
– Restructured UAE boot ROM variable locations, ROM part write protected.
– Doubleclicking Input panel Input Source column resets clicked line back to default. (Currently keyboards only)
– Added uae-configuration harddrive attribute modification support:
— Syntax: uaehfX_Z where X = unit number, Z = attribute name. (for example: « uaehf0_bootpri 10 »)
— Attribute names: devicename, volumename, root, bootpri, read-only, filesys, controller.
— Syntax is write-only. Use plain uaehfX to check current values.
— Reset required to activate modified settings.

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