Un émulateur de Commodore C64 développé par tprodigy1.

Cycle based commodore 64 CPU’s emulation (PAL)
Cycle based VIC emulation, all graphic modes, sprites etc. (PAL)
SID Emulation (filters are not implemented)
One 1541 Drive (CPU emulated)
Joystick emulation (you can « plug » one joystick on port 1 or 2 of the C64), use the numeric Pad or a real PC GamePad.
Direct3D display with bilinear filtering and fullscreen mode (ALT+Enter)
Auto load function (tries to load a disk or tape image automatically )
A very primitive debugger for C64 CPU and 1541 CPU
PRG P00 D64 T64 file support

Télécharger Dream64 v0.80 (295,1 Ko)

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