Un émulateur de Sharp X68000/X68030. Voici les nouveautés (selon systran car bon la belle langue japonaise c’est chaud, sumimasen) :

– XM6 TypeG from XM6 ver 2.05 based around the capabilities of graphics Perhaps based on follow-up (version 2012/07/01).
– Follow the (version 2012/07/01) XM6 TypeG packed transfer DMAC.
– Follow the (version 2012/07/01) XM6 TypeG a bus error condition of the device.
– Apply even when the VM starts when the analog emulation of contrast change.
– Why am I not to see if A0 FDC during the DMA transfer is limited to the case of self-addressed channel. corresponding leakage in ver 0.36.
– Follow-up to the abolition of the text version XM6 TypeG own renderer.
– 68030: The re-run it to the bus error of the second word in the instruction fetch PACK Intention was to correct the problem should be destroyed An, A7 is happening in the case.
– The subwindow changes to the method that you want to delete / create a window each time. For this reason In some environments of wxGTK is a warning of GTK each time you close the subwindow You will now.
– Update fix the timing of the drawing of the subwindow. Mac OS X version in particular load Fix the problem becomes too high.
– Each of the following Restore all windows « > video display. » « > Video> PCG display » is the original part.
– Each of the following Restore all windows « > display renderer ».
– Restore the context menu on the main screen.
– Mac OS X version is not represented in the menu of all the accelerator.
– The software keyboard version of Mac OS X, had been soaked with character display Correct the problem.
– The software keyboard version of Mac OS X, click roll is not effective Correct the problem.
– Fixed an issue where the performance counters are not displayed in WindowsXP.

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