La dernière version béta public de l’excellent WinUAE.

– Replaced readpu.c 68020+ special case TST An/PC-rel and CMP #imm,PC-rel variants with proper table68k entries.
– Debugger disassembler decodes illegal instructions if opcode is supported by higher CPU model, shown in parenthesis, note that PC is only incremented by 2 in this situation.
– Debugger W (write to memory) command supports multiple values and strings.
– Slow debugger commands can be aborted by pressing return (console only)
– 64-bit DIVL.L checked div by zero exception before checking if instruction is 68060 compatible.
– Use IOCTL_STORAGE_QUERY_PROPERTY to query optical drive vendor/product/version information instead of SCSI inquiry.
– « Take screenshots before filtering » supported in RTG modes, takes screenshot from emulated VRAM buffer. 8-bit png if 8-bit RTG mode, 24-bit png if >8 bit RTG mode. Does not capture mouse if mouse is emulated hardware sprite.
– « Capture before filtering » recording option supported in RTG modes.
– D3D D3DERR_DEVICELOST handling improved.
– Inhibit Windows error dialogs completely. On some systems missing harddrive still opened annoying Windows no disk error dialog(s).
– Improved extended ROM statefile support.
– Save ROM overlay state to statefile separately from CIA OVL pin state, fixes loading of statefiles if current configuration has CIA overlay support but state configuration does not. (Gayle based chipset or CD32)
– Misc statefile load compatibility improvements when current config is very different compared to statefile’s configuration.
– DMA debugger ‘c’ = copper wanted this cycle but it wasn’t available
– Extremely rare BPLxDAT non-DMA modifications emulated while bitplane DMA is disabled, not perfect but at least screen isn’t completely blank anymore.
– Ancient Superfrog copper hack removed, it isn’t needed anymore. (EyeQlazer/Scoopex is nearly correct now)

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