La dernière version béta public de l’excellent WinUAE.

– BPLxDAT CPU/Copper writes are now accurately emulated. (Blerkenwiegel/Scoopex)
– COPJMPx triggered second cycle is special, does not need to be free but if it is free, it is allocated for copper. (EyeQlazer/Scoopex is now 100% correct)
– Emulate copper waiting + CPU write to COPJMPx slightly different copper cycle usage.
– Fixed chipset emulation infinite loop if program crashed and wrote totally bogus values to programmable display refresh rate registers.
– Both mouse and joystick enabled in same port: moving joystick does not cause mouse big cursor jumps anymore.
– Automatic center option incorrectly set display limits to autoscale limits (black borders).
– « Release » key qualifier support. When [R] qualifier is selected, qualifier key is released before sending mapped keycode and then immediately pressed again. Qualifier selection GUI is currently ugly.
– Modified Input Qualifier support, now non-matched qualifier combinations (one or more qualifiers pressed but no match in any 8 slots) always trigger non-qualifier input target(s), previously nothing was triggered.
– Added « Wait for Blitter » GUI option, when enabled, CPU is paused if blitter is active and CPU attempted to modify blitter registers. Previously was always enabled if fastest possible CPU (and still is), now it can be manually enabled in other modes, can be useful when running 68020/AGA programs that run badly in non-ce modes but also have some display problems in ce modes. (because of not accurate enough CPU speed)
– Fixed flickering graphics corruption in some programs (for example Disposable Hero), also could have caused reduced performance. (b1 display limit feature)

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