La dernière version béta public de l’excellent WinUAE.

Nombreuses améliorations

Beta 11:

– END special qualifier didn’t work when combined with other qualifiers, some END + shortcuts leaked key presses to emulated Amiga side (b10)
– GUI wasn’t centered and/or scrolling if single monitor, full screen mode and resolution smaller than 640×480. (b6) Automatically center to screen if GUI title bar isn’t visible on any monitor. Two or more monitors and >800×600 resolution desktop in any monitor = always allow manual GUI positioning.
– Wait for Blitter changes:
* – Does nothing in 68000 cycle-exact mode.
* – Approximate CPU speed or 68020 CE: Pause CPU if blitter would steal all CPU cycles
* – Fastest possible: Any kind of active blit pauses CPU if writing to any blitter register.
* – Logged if triggered (only first 10 times)
– Quickstart modes (except 68000 CE) enables Wait for Blitter option.
– Wait for Blitter GUI only sets above « automatic » mode, manual config file editing supports forced « always » and « only if not idle » modes. (for debugging purposes)
– RTG video capturing uses now RTG vsync timing, not (possibly very different) custom chipset vsync timing.
– Added UAE Boot ROM AOS « heart beat » vblank interrupt, do not sync clock or check filesystem insertions if heart beat counter does not change = OS has been taken over, prevents possible memory corruption if program also overwrote system structures.
– RTC year tens digit was not in correct BCD format, probably no program cared about the difference. (Bug since the beginning)
– Extended adf writing was disabled, forgotten debugging and it was also disabled in 2.4.1. Oops. (241b11)
– POTGO register state was not fully reset when loading state, disabled mouse right/middle button in some situations. (for example Sound of Silents)
– AUDxDAT manual audio mode and new period was written to AUDxPER: new period value was loaded too late, after first 8-bit sample was finished.
– AUDxVOL is 7-bit register (64-127 = max volume, 128 = 0, 129 = 1 and so on..). Actual volume range is 0-64.
– Sinc interpolator updated from UADE (from few years ago, better late than never..)
– Debugger ‘m’ command didn’t show last byte of memory region.
– Log COPJMPx while copper is waiting blitter cycle conflict. Does not yet emulate blitter pointer = COPxLC copy.

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