Un excellent émulateur de NeoGeoCD, maintenu depuis des années par Tux
Encore de nombreuses améliorations.

neoraine (1.3.3) unstable; urgency=low
* Rasters improve again : this time we take the numbers found by the
measurements from the mame team, quite different from what the dev docs
tell… With some adjustements, a big boost for the cpu in the vbl to
ensure a stable display and this kind of thing.
* Now accept cue files where the the data file is not between quotes
* Add -geometry command line option (same as raine)
* Inputs updates (same as raine, see raine changelog for details)
* Add the option to disable the rasters emulation in « neocd option », so that
rasters don’t prevent anymore a game to be playable like what happened in
1.3.2. Also useful for those who find rasters make some games too slow.
The option is saved and will return when restarting the emu.
* Some fixes for the savegames, they should be more reliable now.
* Show iso files in the file selector when there are no cue files in the
directory, which happens for neocd demos for example.

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