La dernière version béta public de l’excellent WinUAE.

– Moved cycle-exact option to Chipset group in GUI. Other options are minor options/hacks, CE is not.
– Do not enable wait for blit if immediate blitter is enabled in quickstart mode.
– Added RTG hardware sprite (mouse cursor) enable/disable option. Enabled by default if D3D mode. Was always enabled previously if D3D mode.
– GUI Memory panel 32-bit RAM size information text incorrectly included Z2 mode RTG memory.
– Added directory harddrive limit option to Harddrives panel. When enabled, all directory harddrives size is faked to ~950M with free space relative to original size (for example 500G HD with 100G free = 950M HD with 950*100/500=190M free) This hack is workaround for installers that think drive is full or have negative free space if drive is larger than 2G (32-bit overflow). Can be changed on the fly. Edit configuration file manually if you want custom limit size. Also virtual fake block size changed from 1024 to 512. More compatible with KS1.x dos commands that seem to use hardcoded 512 block sizes when calculating disk size.
– cpu_throttle configuration entry also accepts decimal values.
– Added Start minimized and Start mouse uncaptured Misc panel options.
– In minimized mode D3D/DirectDraw display updates are also now completely stopped.
– ECS Denise/AGA border blanking handling rewritten again. (Brian the Lion borders are black again)
– Ignore color 0 (background) writes if borderblank is currently enabled when deciding autoscale start vertical coordinate. (Brian the Lion)
– Parallel port audio sampler emulation partially rewritten, it actually sounds correct now, mono/stereo option added. AudioMaster IV confirmed working. Very pointless feature.

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