Romvault, toujours en développement, est parti pour devenir le meilleur gestionnaire de roms à l’avenir. Il est conçu de manière à être
le plus intuitif possible et les améliorations par rapport à la version 1.7.1 sont nombreuses. Voici un aperçu.

ROMVault 2 will soon (How long is a piece of string) be making an appearance!

Here are some features, and a bit of a ‘teaser’

LOTS of amazing improvement which I have to keep remind myself of, as I’m just so used to using the betas now, that 171 is very much behind in features!

New Features:

Nice Splash screen showing DAT loading progress!

More flexible Tree/Branch manipulation (including the ToSort source) — Specifying PER Branch (if need be) ROMRoots ( Lookin’ at you, Macca38 ) — I will be personally requesting that there are multiple source points when I catch up with the developer, See what he thinks of the idea!

(Other uses for the more flexible Tree/Branch manipulation are when scanning ROMs, and Finding Fixes, you can drill down, and see WHAT is being fixed, and where, and what type of fixes (Colour Key will tell you) in any of the structures…
For example if you just select the ToSort Directory (after A Scan and Find Fixes), then it will tell you how many ROMs in total are fixable, these are Colour coded:
Orange in the ToSort directory would mean it is needed in a set you have scanned in
Red in the ToSort directory means the ROM is corrupt

With this information above, if you select a branch, for example in the TOSEC tree it will tell you how many fixes are for TOSEC, with a visual YELLOW indication (ROM is missing here but has been found elsewhere).. Clicking on a particular ROMSet that is Yellow will give you more information on which ROMs are fixable etc!)

RV2 REMEMBERS how you had your tree branches (open/closed) after every fix files, RV1 doesn’t remember!

Ability to load in files that are UNcompressed files

More secure methods of scanning, including MD5 and SHA1, as CRC32 is the least secure (quickest BUT easiest to forge!)

Better Logic for dealing with ROMs quicker and more efficiently

Progressive deletion of files (When it’s finished fixing a ROMSet, it checks if there are any others NOT needed as they are in another set, and deletes them) — As apposed to Fixing all ROMs which fill space, and at the very end delete
— (This MAY be changing soon, as I am personally (as well as another Beta tester) going to request that NON needed files are deleted first, to make room for ROM expansion!) This is due, on part, to us both having very little HDD space, but many files that if were processed (deleted) FIRST, there would be more room for growth — Petty maybe, but this is how much we’re overthinking for RV2!

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