Il s’agit d’un émulateur spécialisé dans l’enregistrement vidéo et basé sur le noyau de bsnes. Destiné avant tout aux vidéos dans le but d’obtenir des enregistrements parfaits en vu de référencements sur des sites comme TAS.

Changes for rr1-Δ1:
– Raw audio/video dump
– Fix unattended dumping
– Build the win32 build with compat core instead of accuracy.

Changes for rr1-Δ3:
– Fix submodes in dumpers
– Compiles with bsnes v086
– Remove prompt before quit
– Start unpaused, preserve pause status over load.
– ROM header autodetect
– Ability to skip ROM patch screen
– Hotkeys support

Changes for rr1-Δ4:
– Fix one of the dumpers
– Don’t misbehave if Lua C function throws.
– Lua bitmap drawing
– Fix bsnes v085/v086 patches (part was missing)
– Improve stability on win32.

Changes for rr1-Δ4ε1:
– Fix movie corruption in certain cases.

Changes for rr1-Δ5:
– New Lua hooks
– New lua functions
– Fix « hotkeys stop working » problem
– Fix modifiers
– Allow initial fill of bitmaps
– Fix palette changing
– Support bsnes v087

Changes for rr1-Δ5ε1:
– Movieinfo: Fix port #2 type
– Lua: Call on_input() after loadstate.

Changes for rr1-Δ5ε2:
– Fix saving movie data for controllers on port #2
– Fix SRAM handling with bsnes v087.

Changes for rr1-Δ6:
– Library loading support
– Built-in TSCC encoder
– Hi-color (256T colors) dumping.
– Dump over TCP/IP(v6)
– Hidable status panel
– Turbo toggle/hold
– Adjustable sound volume
– Screen scaling
– Allow DnD into filename boxes
– Configurable paths
– Portaudio: Fix speaker popping at start
– Lots of UI changes
– Speed adjustment menu
– Win32 joystick support
– Lua: gui.rainbow (hue rotation) and (box with simple 3D effect)
– Split key lists into classes (the key list was large!)
– More save slots support
– Wxwidgets (wxJoystick) joystick support

Changes for rr1-Δ7:
– Wxwidgets: –settings to open settings without ROM.
– Wxwidgets: Prompt key
– Wxwidgets: Don’t crash on key having gone away.
– Wxwidgets: Fix mouse position in presence of scaling.
– Avi dumping: Mode 4 (high quality resampling).
– Wxwidgets: Redesign hotkey dialog again (hopefully no longer crashes on WinXP)
– Start paused option

Changes for rr1-Δ7ε1:
– AVI: ZMBV dumper
– AVI: Fix secondary audio in mode 4

Changes for rr1-Δ7ε2:
– Fix reading analog values from movie files.

Changes for rr1-Δ8:
– Mid-frame reset support
– Lua: memory.hash_region

Changes for rr1-Δ8ε1:
– Rework build system.
– Typing input.
– Fix bsnes v086/v087.
– SDL: Save settings on exit.
– SDL: Enter commandline with partial command.
– SDL: More advanced commandline editing.

Changes for rr1-Δ10:
– wxMSW: Fix the “arrow keys and enter don’t work” problem
– MSU-1 support
– Show mode changes due to rewinding
– Unsafe rewind support
– Fix Fix directory transversal
– AVI: Sound mode 5 (48kHz high-quality)
– Lua: Reset Lua VM
– Map the SNES bus into address space
– Fix loading memory watch files with CRLF line endings

Changes for rr1-Δ10ε1:
– Map various bsnes-internal state (so internal variables can be memory-watched)
– Fix « keys lock up » problem again.
– Drag’n’drop movies to lsnes main window

Changes for rr1-Δ12:
– Support reload ROM image (if someone wants to play with ROM corruption or something).
– Support true savestate-anchoring.

Changes for rr1-Δ13ε1:
– Memory search: More methods
– Preserve movie if loading in RO mode (other rerecording emulators behave this way)
– Fix a corner-case in bulletproof recording check.
– Redesign the entiere ROM loading.
– Support DnD on ROMs.
– Relayout menus.
– Standalone key config dialog.
– Show bindings in more user-friendly format.
– Pipedec support (dump those super-long runs in one segment).
– Fix uninitialized variables in bsnes v085 (Caused desyncs in Shadowrun).

Télécharger Lsnes rr1 delta 18 ε3 (18,3 Mo)

Télécharger Lsnes rr1 delta 13 epsilon 1 gb0 (6,1 Mo)

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