La dernière version béta public de l’excellent WinUAE.

– Added easy to use log options to Paths panel. Open = open selected log or current config to text editor. Save All = create file that includes both logs and current configuration. Makes requesting logs easier for debugging purposes. Log checkbox overrides misc panel logging option. Checkbox state not saved, resets back to non ticked after restarting. (Included config is exact current configuration, not necessary same as last loaded config file)
– Fixed uae-configuration config listing garbage ????? line at the end.
– USB HID game controller [-] and [+] input axis movement used wrong event (one-shot instead of normal press/release).
– Possible fix for D3D display alignment errors in some modes (AMD only apparently)
– Fixed D3D blank screen after alt-tabbing back to fullscreen mode. Non-D3DEx (Windows XP mainly) only.
– Non UAE HD controller harddrives and CDFS config data conflict, inserting CD corrupted HDF path.
– Some CD (both images and physical drives) on the fly media switching problems fixed.
– Ignore start uncaptured and start minimized if starting in fullscreen mode.
– Input panel slots #2-#8 not saved to config file if slot #1 had GamePorts [PORTx] event.
– Configuration #1-#3 selected and GamePorts not set to and then changed back to , original slot #1 event was not restored.
– CD32 gameport type also enabled normal joystick firebutton/2nd button event. Only CD32 red and blue are needed.
– Break to debugger if program jumps to non-existing memory (« Did something stupid ») and any break point is already active.
– Remember last selected Input panel device.
– 64-bit build now support up to 2.5G memory space and max 2G of Z3 fast RAM, emulated as 2x1G Z3 boards (1G is max Z3 board size) Note that AmigaOS may have signed integer problems if 2G border is crossed.

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