La dernière version béta public de l’excellent WinUAE.

– FPS and CPU% react quicker now. Can Show previously hidden CPU usage spikes. NOTE: CPU% now showing « myserious » usage spikes does not mean emulation has become slower!
– Automatically limit tablet mode X and Y coordinate range to prevent 16-bit signed overflows if tablet has large resolution. (not confirmed)
– Always generate full size mask texture, workaround for mask pixel mapping errors in some scaling modes.
– Only release pressed keys if window or screen gets reopened (prevents stuck keys), not when any graphics related config option changes.
– Do not allow GUI resize if GUI is larger than fullscreen resolution because Windows may automatically resize it to fit on screen, making GUI completely unusable.
– Always recalculate Display panel horiz/vert centering option internal values when configuration changes.
– 68030+ CPU and more compatible checkbox checked: enable very basic prefetch emulation, only 68000-68020 have more complex prefetch emulation.
– JIT + more compatible also enables basic prefetch. Only works if code is not yet translated. (Not much point but it was easy to do)
– Added route all MIDI In data to MIDI Out configuration option.
– Improved 68030 MMU instruction decoding. WHDLoad + MMU option enabled + 68030 CPU does not crash anymore. (No, there still is no 68030 MMU emulation, it is only emulating 68EC030 without MMU circuitry which probably does not exist in real world + hack for A3000 1.4 ROM)
– Few (rare) variants of MOVES didn’t increase PC correctly.
– BSR.L was emulated as 68020+ instruction on 68000/010. (BCC.L was correct)
– For some reason 68000 BSR.B and BSR.W address exception stack frame PC field points to new odd PC, instead of address of BSR opcode.

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