Un émulateur d’Atari 2600 créé par Martin Korth .

– controls: emulates lightgun (via mouse)
– help: updated atari 2600 programming specs (2k6specs.txt and 2k6specs.htm)
– help: added lightgun and trackball specs, and fine-tuned some chapters
– a22i: sample source code for no$2k6 assembler (see magic2k6.zip package)
– a22i: conditional jump « slow/fast » prefixes for exact cross-page jump timing
– a22i: numeric expressions with brackets, and alu/booleans operations
– a22i: added some macro support (parameter handling is rather crude though)
– gui: memorizes recent files (for reloading them via file menu)
– plus: some other details that may have crept into no$xxx gui/emu cores

Télécharger No$2k6 v1.1 (138,2 Ko)

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