Une version en test destiné uniquement aux contributeurs est disponible.

This is a developer build that has a bunch of experimental codes without proper testing being done i.e. Not Stable.
Only ICE64 testers who want to contribute to our next v3.6 release should download this Alpha build.
Normal and advance users are strongly advised NOT to download or use this release.

Changelog is on our main website and testers can report your findings here.
We are mainly looking for regression from our earlier release resulting from the new experimental codes.

This will be the last alpha build that will be uploaded if there is no contribution from testers.
We have decided to upload alpha build because some of you indicate interest to contribute / test for ICE64.
Here is your chance to show your support for ICE64.

ICE64 includes a N64 emulator(ICE64), audio(ICE64Aud), gfx(MyGlide64) and input(ICE64Input) plugins. The current build for ICE64 is v3.6 and it is currently under review, planning and preparation.

fix Bomber notebook and Deku bubble attack regression in v3.5(affected by last minute change)
fix random window « residual » when starting a game and smoother window resizing during open / close / swap window
remove Mischief Maker and FZero hack (experimental)
fix underflow bug for program counter index
minor bug fix on some of the ucodes render triangle function
update masking check and add handling of invalid address
implement generic fillrect algorithm to fix ugly fillrect (experimental)
remove Body Harvest and Pokemon Stadium 2 fillrect hack
implement new texrect algorithm to fix ugly horizontal lines (experimental)
fix following games without use of « increase_texrect_edge » option
Armymen Air Combat, Bomberman Hero, MegaMan, New Tetris, Tetrisphere, Rainbow Six
fix MACE vertical line without causing horizontal line gap in character selection menu
fix Dual Heroes corrupt horizontal line and remove existing hack
fix all of Bomberman Hero ugly lines at the Area selection screen, finally
remove « increase_texrect_edge » option
minor fix on copy texture buffer
GoldenEye depot mission works for both link yes and no
experimental lighting fix
experimental fix on loadblock boundary check (don´t agree with logic use)
fix Pilot Wings 64 dark black shadow(on-hold, unstable fix)
fix Conker hang on high memory usage
tested until memory hit 200MB without hang(seems to be working, still not very robust)
fix Mario Tennis electronic scoreboard missing frame(on-hold, unstable fix)

ICE64 testers can pickup v3.5.3(Alpha) from our forum

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