Nouvelle update pour cet émulateur ZX-Spectrum ecrit en VB.

– Fixed the annoying « clicking/popping » noises that used to occur at various points when using vbSpec (thanks to Simon Owen and Simon Hayes for their assistance with this).
– Fixed the .z80 file compression routine, which sometimes produced invalid .z80 files (thanks to Mark Woodmass for his assistance).
– Port #FF in TC2048 mode is now decoded correctly (thanks to Andrew Owen and Frederick Meunier for their help).
– Added some additional sanity checking when loading .z80 files.
– Fixed a bug that sometimes caused the « Use SE Basic ROM » checkbox to be greyed out when it shouldn’t be.
– Optimised the sound routines a little to get rid of latency and improve performance.

Télécharger VbSpec 1.80 (2.9 Mo)

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