Deux nouveaux GoodXXX sont sorties concernant la Sega Genesis et le Watara Supervision , ces fichiers vous permettront (avec les programmes qui vont bien) de classer/renommer/corriger vos roms GEN/SV comme il se doit.

Par ailleurs un GoodSuite (intégrant tout les fichiers Goodxx) vient de sortir par la même occasion.

It’s been a while since my favorite system got an update!
Besides all the new ROMS, some people have mentioned the
reorganized goodinfo.cfg. I normalized all the country names
(things like ‘Italy’ are now all ‘Italian’). I may change
this back to just the name of the country since some dumps
from some countries don’t actually have changed text for that
country. Perfect example is the ‘no blood’ policy in Germany.
Some German games are in English, but with the ‘gore’ removed.

Sorry for the updated [NES] section in the .cfg. It’s the one
I’m currently updating and if you are using the 3.14 set to sort
you should just copy and paste from an older .cfg for now.

Finally, there are many chinese games in this GoodGen. I can’t read
chinese, and so when I see a chinese character in the game, I just
put the title as [T+Chi]. I know many of these are actually
translations with hacks added, but I have no way to play them and test.
Maybe someone can find the original zip files of the original releases
and I can run the real chinese characters through Google to get
a better idea of the games real changes/hacks.

– Just new dumps added

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