Une version modifiée de Snes9x ajoutant des fonctions en ligne de la Satellaview, extension Super Famicom permettant de télécharger des jeux et DLCs et plus encore par satellite via un abonnement.

So, I’ve finally done snes9x-sx2 v0.1. The first version, tested by myself, and compiled by OV2 (because my PC is so buggy I can’t seem to do it right).
It can do some of the things that bsnes-sx2 (or maybe higan-sx2) can do, as in Satellaview Data Downloads (bsxdat folder, with the exact same files as for the other), proper Memory Pack support, which was a pain to add, and proper Memory Map for BS-X BIOS. Please note that the Memory Pack isn’t emulated in games that can support them. Soundlink isn’t supported yet, I’m still not sure how that works, it’s a bit confusing.
I made this because some people can’t use bsnes/higan, and thus, I want this Satellaview emulation to be accessible by everyone, I still plan to do much more things, but for now, enjoy.

Télécharger Snes9x-sx2 v0.2 (3,2 Mo)

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