La version SDL (multi-plateformes) du grand Dgen (qui fut le meilleur émulateur Megadrive pendant des années) créé par Dave (final burn) à l’origine et porté en SDL et amélioré par Joe Groff et Phil K. Hornung en 1998 (devenant multi plateforme), le projet a été ressuscité par Tamentis en 2008 et il est à présent maintenue en grande partie par Zamaz depuis septembre 2011.

Les fonctionnalités:
– Game Genie/Hex codes support
– PAL/NTSC, fullscreen modes
– Joypad / joystick support
– OpenGL textured video output
– Portable (64‐bit, endian safe), runs in Windows using MinGW
– Screenshots, demos recording and playback
– Musashi and StarScream (x86‐only) CPU cores
– CZ80 and MZ80 (generic and x86‐only versions)
– 16‐bit, 8000 to 48000Hz sound output
– Support for 8, 15, 16, 24 and 32 bpp modes
– Archived/compressed ROMs support
– M68K debugger (contributed by Edd Barrett)
-hqx and scale2x scaling filters

Les changements:

– Joystick axes can now be configured for controllers with more than two. They can also be reversed.
– Implemented command « calibrate_js » to configure joystick buttons
– Fixed a bug in the debugger prompt handler.
– Implemented FM2612 debugging support.
– Refactored SDL keyboard handling.
– Removed Linux-specific joystick code which no one uses (not even in Linux, where the SDL version has always been preferred).
– Implemented the ability to bind arbitrary commands to joystick buttons. This makes DGen fully controllable from a joystick/joypad.
– Implemented proper sprite masking. This fixes annoying priority glitches in a number of games.
– Fixed half-submitted commands support in the VDP. This finally fixes the mangled EA logo.
– Some code refactoring and documentation.
– Improved region settings. The single « region » variable can be used to switch interactively from one region settings to another (identifier,b resolution, PAL/NTSC mode and frame rate).
– Improved region auto detection with the ability to specify a preference order (« str_region_order » variable).
– Fixed other miscellaneous bugs (NASM on non-x86 targets, uninitialized variables, other warnings and errors).

Télécharger Dgen/SDL (x86) v1.33 (4,0 Mo)

Télécharger Dgen/SDL (x64) v1.33 (3,9 Mo)

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