Pour fêter Noël, l’équipe de Dolphin nous propose ujne mise à jour intermédiaire de leur formidable émulateur 🙂

Créé par Ector et F|res, voici la dernière version de Dolphin, un émulateur GameCube/Wii et prochainement Tri-Force (système d’arcade élaboré par Nintendo-Sega-Namco dont le hardware est basé sur celui de la GameCube).

Les nouveautés sont les suivantes:

– Gamecube BBA support: Gamecube games supporting online mode using Nintendo’s BBA (ethernet adapter) can now be played online on Dolphin. This includes Mario Kart: Double Dash 8 players mode support, as well as Phantasy Star Online.

– Gamecube microphone support: The 6 Gamecube games using a microphone (Mario Party 5/6 for example) can now use your system configured microphone to get audio input.

– WBFS support: If you dumped your games as WBFS files in order to play your dumps on a real Wii, you can now use the same WBFS files on Dolphin. WBFS includes features such as compression and splitted files (to avoid the FAT32 4GB file size limit).

– Free replacement for the DSP LLE ROMs: DSP LLE normally requires you to dump ROMs from your real Wii. This free replacement, while working only with some Mario and Zelda games, removes this requirement.

– Wiimote support on OS X Mountain Lion: The latest version of Mac OS X brings several Bluetooth changes, breaking Wiimote support with Dolphin 3.0. Dolphin 3.5 supports real Wiimotes, including MotionPlus addon, on OS X 10.8.

– TAS and recording improvements: Read only mode, better determinism, more checks to avoid using wrong settings or wrong version of a game when playing back a movie, bongo recording support.

– FreeBSD support: Rather theoretical than anything else, but worth a note. OpenGL backend may or may not work for you.

– UI refinements: New wiimote configuration dialog, improvements to the game list sorting, minor changes to simplify usage.

– Wii disc integrity checking: Use Dolphin to check if your dumped Wii game is corrupted.

– Improvements to the custom textures feature: Improved stability, added support for custom mipmaps, removed texture size limit.

– Shader cache optimizations: Reduced stuttering to a point where Red Steel 2 got playable with full FPS.

– A lot of minor emulation fixes: Texture preloading implementation, better FIFO emulation, HLE audio fixes, more accurate DSI/FPU exceptions, …

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Télécharger Dolphin (x86) [Vista/XP] v4.0.2 (9,3 Mo)

Télécharger Dolphin (x64) v5.0 (18,4 Mo)

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