L’année commence fort avec cette release !

Il s’agit d’une modification de l’émulateur Sega Dreamcast/Naomi: Makaron. Cette version propose une interface bien plus claire et complète que l’original et apporte quelques options en supplément.

Changes :
– Added displaying information about the game in the Roms Manager (Naomi)
– Added ability to view the contents of a zip archive of romset (Naomi)
– Added the ability to compare the contents of romset CRC with ClrMAMEPro base (Naomi)
– Alternative running game from the Roms Manager by right click (Naomi)
– Changed the visualization in a window on the cube (a-la DxDiag)
– Removed the focus from the language component
– Fixed and modified the control of sound
– Fixed an issue with the loss of focus after closing the form and restore from system tray
– Slightly changed interface of Images Manager (Dreamcast)
– Fixed restart GUI, if you select a language that was active
– Fixes some system messages

Télécharger Makaron EX v4.1 (5,8 Mo)

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