Créé par Avery Lee (l’auteur de VirtualDub), il s’agit d’un émulateur d’Atari 8 bits (800/800XL/130XE). Beaucoup de changements dans cette version !

Version 2.20 [January 6, 2013]:
features added
UI: Overlays are now rendered through composition at native resolution instead of simulated resolution.
UI: Text can now be copied out when the simulation is stopped.
UI: Keyboard shortcuts are now configurable.
UI: Drag-and-drop from compressed folders in Explorer is now supported.
UI: Shift-hover over a BASIC or DOS error message now displays error help.
UI: Mouse cursor changes when light pen/gun is moved on and off the virtual screen.
Debugger: Holding SHIFT with the mouse over the display pane now shows the beam coordinates for that point.
Debugger: Added .pbi and .ultimate1mb commands.
Debugger: Extended many commands to accept expressions for address and length arguments.
Debugger: The default numeric base for addresses can now be changed (.base).
Debugger: Added extended memory bank variable to expression parser.
Debugger: Symbols using reserved expression operator names can now be escaped with #.
Debugger: e (enter) command now accepts extended addresses.
Debugger: .map command now displays layer names.
Debugger: bs (break on sector) command now accepts expressions.
Debugger: Added .ide_rdsec and .ide_wrsec commands.
Debugger: Added .diskdumpsec command.
Debugger: Added deref signed word (dsw) operator.
Debugger: .tracecio gives more detailed output.
Disk: Added option to format new disks with a DOS 2 filesystem.
Disk: Folders can now be mounted as virtual DOS 2 disk images.
MyIDE II emulation support.
Ultimate1MB emulation support.
Save states: Initial support for external save state files.
SIDE: Implemented top cartridge register and un-reversed image order.
Input: Input map editor now shows more specific button and axis labels.
IDE: Selecting a physical disk now updates the CHS mapping.
IDE: Fixed-size and dynamic .VHD images can now be mounted.
HLE/LLE: Added boot screen.

bugs fixed
ANTIC: Fixed regression with the first byte in a wide scanline occasionally being decoded before being fetched.
ANTIC: Fixed display list pointer corruption when a jump instruction executes across vertical blank (fixes Spindizzy load).
Serial: Fixed R: not going into concurrent mode on open with AUX1 bit 0 set.
Cartridge: Re-added missing 512K detection size for SIC! cartridges.
Cartridge: 5200 4K/8K/16K cartridges now mirror to the full 32K region.
Display: Fixed offset on display in sharp bilinear mode on downlevel graphics cards.
Debugger: Fixed debug reads not seeing some partially overlaid memory layers.
Debugger: Fixed memory leak when an error occurs during expression parsing.
Debugger: Fixed ‘value’ operator returning incorrect value when used in a range write breakpoint conditional expression.
Debugger: Debug display now displays IR modes 8-10 correctly.
Debugger: Fixed history pane bugs with stack wrapping and with the scroll bar being flaky after a clear.
Disk: Fixed writes being gated by rotational timing even if accurate sector timing was turned off.
Disk Explorer: Fixed file deletion on DOS 2 volumes to not leave orphaned directory entries.
Disk Explorer: DOS 2 validator now allows both DOS 2 719 sector and MyDOS 720 sector VTOCs.
Disk Explorer: Fixed crash with large MyDOS file systems.
Display: Fixed text highlighting in « OS Display » overscan mode.
HDevice: Get Bytes command now returns $03 status code on impending EOF (fixes BLOAD from Turbo Basic XL).
HLE: Fixed off-by-one handling of RMARGN in screen editor.
HLE: Fixed some errors in updating LOGCOL on vertical cursor movement.
HLE: Fixed crash when disk boot sector signals a boot error (C=1).
HLE: Added missing international font.
HLE: Fixed many compatibility issues.
Input: Extended paddle and tablet range to 0-228.
Input: Tablet stylus is now always touching the tablet when the raise stylus input (button 4) is unbound.
Input: The « warm reset » input of the console controller was issuing a cold reset.
LLE: Improved display editor.
LLE: Fixed many compatibility issues.
Flash: Multiple sector erase commands are now supported.
Flash: Fixed Am29F040B flash to only validate A0-A10 for commands (the Am29F040 is the one that does A0-A14).
POKEY: Attempting to use synchronous clocking mode during serial input now produces framing errors.
UI: Tabs now paste properly.
UI: Non-ASCII characters are now saved correctly into the Altirra.ini file in portable mode.

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