Créé par notBald (depuis la v1.41.2), cette version fait directement suite à la v1.41.1 de Geestarraw (elle même basée sur la v1.41 de Keith Kelly), elle corrige plusieurs problèmes et ajoute également l’excellent filtre graphique xBR.


– Removed fully 32-bit xBr filter
– Added support for xBr a and c filters
– Fixed cancel bug (Would retain settings when cancel was clicked)
– Fixed black screen bug (Nothing rendered on screen)

– Added support for xbr a and c filters

The A, B and C variants of the xBr filter rounds corners differently:
– A: Don’t round corners
– B: Selectivly round corners
– C: Round all corners



– Added support for grayscale and xbr filters

– Added grayscale and xbr filters

The grayscale filter was added just to test how one adds filters to the
Nestopia core.

The xbr filter is a port of Hawkynt’s C# implementation of Hyllian/Jaracara’s
xbr filter. I believe the C# implementation is based on the 3.3a variant of
Hyllian’s filter.

The xbr filter works for both 888 and 565 color modes, but has not been tested
with the unusual 555 color mode. However, it should work with 555.

Due to idiocy on my part all interpolation calculations are truncated down to
15-bit. It’s not a hard thing to fix but as far as I can see it gives good
result as it is. One of Hyllian’s c++ impls use 16-bit math for interpolation so
it’s probably good enough as it is. Though performance should increase a bit,
as the current 15-bit impl is inefficient.

xbr vs hqx

– xbr does a better job at color accuracy (Hqx distorts/darken colors).
– Hqx retains sharp details better (Xbr is quicker to round).

Pour résumer, nous avons droit à deux versions de Nestopia basé sur la 1.41.1: celle-ci et Nestopia Undead Edition, aussi bonne l’une que l’autre !

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