Un très bon émulateur de Sega Saturn créé par Guillaume Duhamel, Theo Berkau et
Fabien Coulon et aidé par de multiples contributeurs. Il s’agit de la version avec interface QT.

Les nouveautés:

– Fixes to the dynamic recompiler (Ari64)
– Added ARMv5 support to the dynarec (Ari64)
– New OSD system (Guillaume) (emu-france.com)
– Added « built-in » DDK to make it easier to compile on Windows (Guillaume)

– Improvements / Fixes in both SCSP and SCSP2 (Cwiiis)

– Major improvements to the OpenGL renderer (Devmiyax)
– Major improvements to the software renderer (Guillaume)
– Some fixes to register emulation (Guillaume)
– Improvements to line drawing functions in the software renderer (Cwiiis)
– Fixed endianess bugs (Guillaume)

cocoa port:
– Added « load image » feature (BlueCrab)
– Fixed the resize bug (BlueCrab)

qt port:
– Added shortcuts to toggle vdp2 layers (Benjamin Siskoo)
– Fixed the « mute sound » feature (Guillaume)
– It’s now possible to compile the Qt port in « full software » mode (Guillaume)
– Added an autostart option, disabled by default (Guillaume)
– Now using a XDG compliant location for config file (Guillaume)
– Added a debugger to the Qt port (CyberWarriorX)
– DirectX cores can now be used in Qt port (CyberWarriorX)
– Cheat search function (CyberWarriorX) (emu-france.com)
– Option to show/hide menu and toolbar (Guillaume)
– Close button in pad settings (guillaume)

Télécharger Yabause (x86) v0.9.14 (8,2 Mo)

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