Fuse (Free Unix Spectrum Emulator) est un émulateur tournant à l’origine sous Unix. Plusieurs portages ont été fait dont celui pour Windows. Les systèmes 16K, 48K, 128K, +2, +2A, +3, +3e, SE, TC2048, TC2068, TS2068, Pentagon 128 et Scorpion ZS 256 sont émulés. Il s’agit d’une version en cours de développement.


Les changements depuis la sont les suivants:


    • Split SNET block into SNET, SNEF and SNER so that flash could theoretically be saved separately – Spectranet SZX files from the previous beta are now invalid
    • Correct video timing for +2A/+3 etc machines
    • Implement Spectranet’s « suppress NMI » flipflop
    • Fix inverted DISCiPLE printer busy logic
    • Empty sound buffer when emulation is paused using a shortcut key on Win32 UI (thanks, Lee Tonks)
    • Add DISCiPLE ROM with EPSON printer support
    • Correct restore of pentagon 1024 memory ports from snapshots
    • Spectranet emulation bugfixes
    • Make sure that SE RAM variables are initialised before they are referenced
    • Add separate switch to enable ZX Printer emulation
    • Fix SE writing dock and exrom pages to snapshots
    • Update SE ROMs to v4.04
    • Reset machine when significant interfaces are connected/disconnected
    • Fix in-memory disk image becoming corrupted after saving the disk file
    • Update to v1.38 of the +3e ROMs (thanks, Guesser)
    • Fix loading of EDSK files with redundant sector images
    • Many manual updates
    • Add support for storing ZX Printer state in SZX files
    • Allow up to 15 joystick buttons to be defined to accommodate e.g. XBox 360 ABXY button use
    • Support setting late timings from SZX snapshots
    • Support the binutils gold linker.
    • Minor bugfixes


Télécharger Fuse (WIP) v1.1.0 beta 2 (2.4 Mo)

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