La dernière version de RockNES pour Windows !!!


– Fixed PPU timing.
– Fixed PPU open bus emulation.
– Fixed APU reset, uninitialized flags.
– Fixed APU sweep unit.
– Fixed joypad i/o code, added 4016h/4017h extra reads.
– Fixed mapper 1 (MMC1) startup bank values, and MMC3 PPU IRQ timing.
– Fixed a potential crash when blitter 0 (256×240) was set on startup.
– Fixed base address selection on disassembler.
– Fixed gameplay joypad data logging driver, also known as NES movies.
– Fixed a bug when resetting the video context.
– Added a GUI option to see the current video context.
– Added mapper 89 (Tenka no Goikenban: Mito Koumon).
– Added a new screen blitter, stretched to 640×480 pixelated.
– Added five choices of RGB palettes for VS System mapper.
– Added option for printing the FPS (frames per second) value on screenshots.
– Added option for resetting the savestate slot number on ROM loading.
– Added a check for mapper 20, reserved for Famicom Disk System only.
– Added message errors if sound startup fails.
– Joypad data block on savestate now includes the number of reads, up to 8.
– The graphics mode settings are reset to defaults and saved on gfx errors.
– Disabled keys F6 and F7 when the FDS driver isn’t active.
– Removed the option of disabling register $4011.
– Other minor fixes, various changes in the GUI, usual code cleanups.
– Software documentation updated.


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